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Feb 16, 2012



  • Bulat - best for making soups and stews 
  • Bujur - good if you think you'll be making a lot of large cuts of meat, such as roasts or whole chicken
  • Saiz itu PENTING! - They range in size from tiny cookers that are good for one-person recipes or to use for heating or cooking dips, to large-capacity cookers (6 or 7 quarts or larger) that can prepare stew for a crowd. Keep in mind that many recipes specify the size of cooker needed. If you use a cooker that is too large, you risk burning your food. And, obviously, a cooker that's too small won't hold all of the ingredients. For a family of four, the best slow cooker is probably 3 to 4 quarts.
  • Cooking time with slow cooker – approx 3.5 to 4 hours [lihat video youtube sini
  • Cooking time over the gas stove at the lowest heat – approx 2 – 2.5 hours 
  • Be careful with how much water you use, unlike stove cooking – slow cookers will retain a lot of the moisture. 
  • Be wary of the spices – spices are great, but too much of them will create overwhelming flavors. 
  • No fats please! – adding milk and cream should be done towards the end, possibly the last one hour or so. Cream and milk will separate and start creating yucky texture. 
  • KALAU NAK MASAK SIKIT [Mommy guna scoop susu] 
    • 1 scoop beras + 8 scoop stock ayam + 1 ice cube of pureed vegetable 
    • 1 scoop beras + 3 ice cubes of stock (approx. 8 scoop stock ayam) + 1 ice cube of pureed vegetable 
    • 3 scoop millet + 3 scoop beras + 2 cubes of vegetables and 1 cube of meat (fish/chicken) + 2 cups of water (approx. 500ml) 
Psst: x semestinya anda guna AIR PANAS untuk masak nasi nih.. Guna air biasa [room temp] pon boleh sebab tempoh memasak menggunakan slow cooker bukannya akan lebih laju. Dia start lambat gak. Hehehehe
Meh nak buat Tutorial simple
User the proper size of slow cooker for the recipe. The slow cooker should be between one-half and three-fourths full. Filling it too less will burn or dry out your food; filling it too much might cause your cooker to overflow if the food expands during cooking.

Mommy masak 3 scoop beras + air cm dlm gambar [2/3 bhgn] [time HD masih baby makan sket2] 
Mommy masak 1 genggam + air 1 1/2 gelas [time HD dah makan banyak] 
If possible, turn the slow cooker on HIGH for the first hour of cooking, then turn it down to LOW (and deduct about an hour from the cooking time given in a recipe if it recommends cooking it entirely on the low setting). This brings food up to a safe temperature (over 140˚F) more quickly. 

(Consult a temperature chart)

Mommy masak 
: High mode 2-3 jam gitu 
: Low mode 6 jam gitu 

So, malam sebelum tidur, basuh beras dan masukkan sayur yang telah dipotong halus-halus dan ayam atau daging juga dicincang halus-halus, lepas tu set kan mode LOW kat slow cooker tu.
Bangun pagi, siap masak!
Leh masukkan dalam FOOD JAR ENDO Mommy tu, Nanny leh suap dengan senang hati!
Hujung minggu, kalau masak malamnya, breakfast dah boleh makan!

  • Cut up vegetables and pieces of meat into uniformly sized chunks so that everything cooks evenly.
  • If you have time, browning chicken or beef in a pan on the stove before putting it in the slow cooker will add a depth of flavor to your finished dish.
Dalam gambar di atas, Mommy ingin memasak nasi with labu, halia & ayam. Kalau nak steam terlebih dahulu, lagi bagus. 

Yup, Mommy letak sbb elak masalah HANGIN dalam badan. Hehehe

Majoriti pendapat mengatakan sebarang HERB & SPICE boleh diberi seawall 8 BULAN -

Meh baca ISU BERBANGKIT [source]

Common fears about slow cookers
  • I've never roasted a whole chicken or piece of meat in a slow cooker. I've been a bit scared to in case it went wrong and would be an expensive mistake. 
  • I would like to be convinced by it, but can't get past the thought that it would result in death by casserole. 
  • It's difficult if (like me) you like to fiddle and stir your cooking. You must not touch it or lift off the lid. 
  • No chance of a fire, they are on a thermostat.
  • Somebody told me that it uses as much energy as a lightbulb, so I think it must be very cheap to use. 
Slow cooker hints and tips
  • It's always better to part cook/fry the food before putting it in the slow cooker and then allowing it to very slowly stew after that. 
  • If preparing stuff the night before, I would put it in the fridge, then put it on to cook in the morning. 
  • I find the liquid seems to double! So now I use less liquid but check on it every now and again. 
  • If you're using a normal recipe you may find the slow cooker produces too much liquid, which will make it a bit bland. I also put in more seasoning (eg garlic, rosemary) than if I were doing it in the oven. 
  • I do a bolognaise-type mixture in mine - leave it on low all day so the mince is really tender - serve the children at 5pm-ish, then chuck lots of tabasco/chilli and a tin of kidney beans in and DH and I can eat a couple of hours later. 
  • I just bung stuff in and hope for the best. 
  • I do lots of casseroles in mine. Just adapt the time, and put a bit less liquid in. girlandboy 
  • The great thing about doing beef in the slow cooker is that you can use a cheaper cut like brisket and it will be very tender, but you won't be able to carve it as you would an oven-roasted joint so it doesn't look as impressive. Chicken tastes great too but you don't get the crispy skin so it looks a bit insipid compared to oven-roasted. 
Am I going to save loads of time by using a slow cooker?
  • It's not really a time saver, more a time re-distributor (you have to find time in the morning to prepare instead). But you do get lovely tender meat in it as a result. 
  • I don't mind making it earlier when one child is in school and the other is happily getting on with something if it means avoiding cooking in the witching hour between coming home from school and eating. 
  • I chop everything in the evening. Brown meat. Stick pot in fridge overnight. Next morning heat up the liquid I am adding, add to the pot and switch on. Leave on all day. Dinner ready. 
  • Always, always cook at least double and freeze some. 
OK, I've got my slow cooker. Now what?
  • One little tip: if you're given a time of, for example, 5-7 hours, which is the "window" for eating, always go for the longer time. Also, it's really worth frying/grilling/pre-cooking harder veg first - and browning the meat. It's really worth the effort. Tastes nicer too as it seals it all in rather than just boiling onions in the stock/sauce, which removes all decent flavour. 
  • I put the whole raw chicken in the slow cooker, put the lid on and switch it on. I don't add anything at all. I don't add liquid; there's plenty in the bottom when you take it out anyway, and you don't want it wet. You could add any of the usual garlic/lemon/herbs type things, I suppose. But when I do it, it's to strip all the meat off the bones easily to use in curry/enchiladas/etc, not to eat 'as is' - it can be a bit bland on its own. 
  • Mine is a small one that will fit in my fridge so I can redistribute effort to when I really do have time - in the evening when kids are in bed. Put all the ingredients in (as long as you cover the veg with liquid it doesn't mind being chopped in advance) and then in the morning all I have to do is put the pot into the machine and turn it on. If you're worried about extremes of temperature (which can affect ceramic slow cookers) maybe take it out of fridge first thing, then turn it on when back from school run? 
Bahan utk bubur
Kentang [parut] 
Carrot [parut] 
Bawang Besar - potong halus 
Bawang Putih - parut 
letak semua bahan dlm slow cooker pastu slow cook 

Keesokkan harinya, u stim je sayur2an sekejap pastu blender bersama ayam yg u masak dgn bubur tu (ayam tu kan tak hancur kan, pilih daging sahaja, buang tulang).. pastu gaulkan dlm bubur tu.. sayur2an ni tak leh masak lama, so utk kekalkan vitamin dia kita stim sahaja, jgn masukkan dlm slow cooker tu so that dia tak over cooked 
hasilnya bubur ni manis je sbb ada kentang & isi ayam tu.. sure baby suka.. 

kalo u nak letak ikan, ambil isi ikan bhg ekor yg takde tulang, u stim ikan dgn sayur tu keesokkan harinya, pastu blender dan gaulkan dlm bubur.. dari pengalaman i la kan, kalo isi ikan dimasak semalaman (slow cook), bubur tu bau hanyir.. bb tak suka.. kalo ayam atau daging ok lah.. 

Bubur Halus/Ditapis - Utk bubur yg u nak tapiskan/shieve, u blender sekali la bubur tu dgn sayur/isi ayam tu.. then tapiskan sekali
Bubur Kasar - Tak payah blender bubur tu sbb bubur dah hancur sbb slow cooking. Just blend sayur & isi ayam/ikan je pastu gaulkan ke dlm bubur

Kalau xnak beli SLOW COOKER, korang boleh BELI RICE COOKER yang ada function SLOW COOKER. Ini cthnya,
National Fuzzy Rice Cooker nih.. dah siap ada fungsi slow cook

Penggunaan garam/kicap etc sbg perasa dalam makanan baby!

Please remember that:
What taste TAWAR to us does not mean it taste TAWAR to baby. Their taste buds are just developing.
ngeeee ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ALAH BISA, TEGAL BIASA. Doesn't bring harm if u HOLD nye punnnn! 2 tahun xlama kan? Hehehe


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    Shehan..air mcm mne? Ltak m nksk bubur biasa ke?

  2. tgk atas tu sy tls cara Mommy.. bnyk dia mcm 2/3 bekas slow cooker tu

  3. Mampu milik dah tu klu harga nya RM 79.. hehhee
    tqs dear 4 d sharing... sblm ni guna slow cooker meletop.. takot nak guna dah :D

    Seronoknya minum “mocha” bantu untuk kurus
    Minuman Serap Lemak


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